Friday, March 25, 2011

Imagining Ironman by John Dapper

John at 2010 Kiawah Marathon
Coach Mary asked us on Wednesday whether any of us had an Ironman dream, yet. Surprisingly, no one chirped up. Perhaps we are all sleeping too soundly!
While I have not dreamed about the Ironman experience, I think about it all of the time. Not because I have anxiety about the event. I know that I will be ready. 
I think about the training, the pre-big event events (Rev-3, Augusta, the open water 5k swims), I wonder if I washed enough clothes for the up coming work outs, when will I eat so that I have digested in time for the next workout, etc.
I also think about the event weekend. I usually do this while training. Depending on the workout, I imagine myself doing that particular sport in Tempe with throngs of spectators cheering me on including my daughter there in person and my father watching in spirit. I imagine myself flying on the course, exceeding expectations.
As much as I imagine my own event, I imagine our Team there in Tempe, each having a great day. I wonder what we will say to each other as we swim, bike, or run past each other on the course. I imagine holding back tears as I see Jane on the course and the pride wells up inside me. I imagine the big smiles of Mike and Mary as we pass by them on the course with each lap. At times, I imagine the team cheering for me as I come though the finishing shoot. At other times I imagine the team, cald in purple jumping up and down, screaming as our last TNT finisher completes their 140.6 adventure.
I am sure that there will be dreams. I am sure that they will be epic. I am sure that those dreams will pale to what this experience has and will continue to be.
Proud to be your teammate.

John Dapper is a long-time Team In Training alumnus that has been involved with several TNT chapters, not just Georgia. He's been a mentor, a coach and he is now chasing the dream of completing an Ironman triathlon with the TEAM which will be his 36th TNT event.

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